Here is a list of things that take up the rest of my waking days.

I’ve always had an affinity for vibrating wires

A thing for how sound moves air
tickles inner ear hair
vibrates rods and tiny bones that drum on skin
freeing silence
brain teasing
thin / fat / round / pounding sound
into worlds of red, blue, fluorescing green
coding laws / brain draws
into a reality of the hear
on those oh so few days
I feel it / why it / cry it.
and finally
computer fry it.
I always pull back and wonder
where it all comes from.

I still jot down thoughts, scrub words against one another, to see if they will play together… sympathetically

the ancients passed stuff on verbally
save for the odd lisper
that put a chink in the code
things were understood
were passed on pure
I had to push around a pen
drag it through rules
understood by teachers
misunderstood me
didn’t see
that rulelessly dirtying pages
was my poetry
skewed to please my ear alone
for years fear of ruler knuckle bleeds
killed the pleasures in dirtying a page
but now blind to the pain I reminisce
sad for the words in prisoned in normalcy
youthful years lost to the mysteries
of sheer word play

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Here’s how my affinity for vibrating wires, playing with sound,
making marks on the surface of paper and pushing pixels around a screen
come together at times.